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Tanner Garza is a professional photographer based out of Dallas Texas. After discovering his love for photography in the darkroom of his high school,


Tanner attended Texas A&M University where he began studying for a degree in communications and journalism, and working for the school newspaper. After a semester as a photographer at the newspaper, Tanner became the Chief of Photography, where he not only managed the other photographers at the paper, but also photographed an enormous range of assignments, from important people visiting campus to the Heisman ceremony in New York City.


Now, back in Dallas,  Tanner has had the privilege to photograph an amazing variety of businesses, products, people, events and locations in his time creating over the last 10 years. He feels that all of this experience has combined to help him adapt to any creative challenge.



Tanner's mission is to take photos that elevate people and their businesses. He has a belief that creating beautiful images is an incredible privilege and being on set should be fun.


Find him in his neighborhood eating great food or travelling the world looking for the next shot!

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